Thursday, September 6, 2018

Make Ethics a Part of Your Daily Job Search Routine

When searching for employment, don’t let your values, ethics, or judgment be disputed!  You should make ethics a part of your daily job search routine.  Here are a few tips:

When creating your résumé, and when answering information in an interview, always be completely truthful!  Don’t lie or mislead employers about your past work experience, education, or qualifications for a position.

 Apply only to those positions which you are genuinely interested in for employment.    Thoroughly research the company, and the position prior to an interview to demonstrate your interest.  Remember,   taking Interviews to practice your interview skills is inexcusable!

Don’t ever “no show” for an interview.  Each employer sets aside their valuable time to interview potential candidates.   If you can't make an interview due to an unforeseen emergency, you should make every effort to call the employer at least 2 hours or more in advance of the interview time.   Some inexcusable reasons for not making an interview include not having the right date and time of the interview, oversleeping, running out of gas, or completely forgetting about the interview.