Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Are you suffering from digital overload?


Are you up at 4:30 am and find yourself checking Facebook and Twitter to see if anyone has an update or liked your clever comment or picture. and finding no one liked them immediate turn your semi-depressed mind to your text messages and email? Then you're off to shower and after-the-shower toast and coffee while curiosity forces you on to determinedly check other websites to ensure you are up-to-date before you go into the office.

Once you arrive at your workplace, do you head into the office break room to have a Starbucks and
donut while discussing with your co-workers all of your now up-to-date info? Then, once you have  downed your coffee and second chocolate donut, do you head back to your desk to begin checking and answering your work email, monitoring the internet for any updates you may have missed earlier and then move on respond to phone messages while asking yourself while looking at the clock..."Where did the morning go?" 

You are suffering from digital overload. While a somewhat serious and contagious condition, it can be cured!  How?  Take some time to take a few steps back and breathe! 

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